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About a decade ago, I started writing fiction on a friendly dare. To my great surprise, it felt like the most natural thing in the world to do, and I've just kept on going.  


My short stories have been published in a number of literary journals, including Subtropics, Guernica, Bellevue Literary Review, Los Angeles Review, the Fish Anthology, and Word Riot. Several have received recognition of various sorts. I am delighted to share them with any and all, in the hope that they will find their audience.   


One unanticipated joy of writing fiction has been the opportunity it has offered me to escape from myself, and reimagine the world through the lives and eyes of others. Fragments of real life have found their way into some of the stories, but the characters and main events are fictional.   


I have also written some poetry over the years, most of which does not deserve to go out in public. But there are a handful of poems that I am not entirely sure do not, and I have included them here as well.  


In my day job, I am a law professor at Stanford University, which I have been fortunate to call my intellectual home for the last thirty years. Much of my academic writing has been at the intersection of law, philosophy and economics, with particular attention to questions of distributive justice. If you are interested, a fuller description and CV are available at my Stanford website.   


I continue to write short stories, and am also currently at work on a novel.  


I would love to hear from readers. If you have any thoughts or comments you'd like to share, please drop me a note. My contact information is below.  





Barbara Fried

Stanford Law School

Stanford, California 94305




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